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.::a memory lasts forever. Never does it die. True friends stay together. And never say goodbye::.

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Your full name: Jillian Helene Utter
Named after anyone: No
Nick names: Dork
age: 14
Hair length: goes down to my shoulder blades
Hair color: Brunnette
Eye color: Blue
Hieght: 5'1" ish
Sisters: 0
Brothers: 2
Younger or older?: one of each
Mother: ...1
Father: ...1
Divorced?: Hell no : )
Dogs: 2
Cats: 2
Other: 2
If other what?: two guinea pigs
Names of Dogs: Boo and Timmy
Names of cats: Bandit and isabel
Names of other: Skippy and bob
color: Red <3
Food: MEXICAN!!!
School: American
Hometown: Indianapolis!
place: quiet places...
car: um... the one that gets you places...
show: smallville
hobby: horseback riding
Perfume: In  bloom(i got it for X-mas everyone loves it! nordstroms)
Time: 12:34
movie: mean girls
Scary movie: ... i havent realy watched any scary movies latly
actor: Tom Welling
Actress: Reece Witherspoon
smoke: NO!
cuss: yes
sing well: NO!
sing in the shower: somtimes
talk to yourself: no...Im not i?
Belive in yourself: sure
play an instrument: Guitar
want to go to collge: yes
get married: yes
have kids: yes
are you a health freak: no
get along with your parents: Hell yea
how about siblings: yea, were tight.
think your popular: at my school everyone likes me!
gone out of state? Yea, out of the country realy!
Drank alchohal: NO!
Smoke: NO!!!
Get high: NO!!!!!!!!!!
done drugs: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ate an entire box of oreos: NO! (not even one!)
been on stage: No
Gone skinny dipping: No
Died your hair: No
stolen anything: No
Craziest: Dee...
loudest: Sorry Lindz
most shy: Chelsea
blondest: Sorry Audrey
smartest: ME! (i dunno what  thier grades are and i dont care!)
kindest: Grace
funniest: Corri
best singer: Sarah
Most talented: Leah... when she did that spinny thing!
best personality: omg mamie!
most ghetto: we aint ghetto!
Drama queen (or King): pshaw
pain in the butt: (not my friend) sara lego!!!
trust worthy: Renee
dependable: Corri
Advice giver: I go to Liz or Renee
druggie: NONE!
person thats gonna end up in jail: Seth
known longest: Lindsey (10 years)
last dream: you dont even wanna know!!
last nightmare: cant member
car ride: midnight, i had to go back to work
you cried: A LONG TIME AGO!!! i never cry!
movie you saw: in a theater?... lemony snicket with seth
movie rented: sixth sense and the village
book you read: the music of the dolphin
word you said: night
curse word you said: i said 'damn' cuz i screwed up
last laugh: at seth hahahaha
phone call: dunno...
cd played: ashlee simpson
song: lala
annoying: seth
wierd encounter: OMG its hard to splian but it was creepy!
person you hugged: mom
person you yelled at: seth
wore a skirt: not to long ago
been evil: always <3
sarcasm: always <3
wished upon a star: thats for kids
Played truth or dare: LOL!!
did you like this survey?: sure...


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.::I wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name on my hand but I washed it the next day. I wrote your name on a paper but I accidentally threw it away. I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay::.