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.::a memory lasts forever. Never does it die. True friends stay together. And never say goodbye::.

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aloha! i hope you enjoy my page!
- JiLL!

*Smile, it makes people wonder what you're thinking
*you don't have to love in words, even through the silences love is always heard
*To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world
*no guy is worth your tears and the only one who is will never make you cry
*It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone
*I love you not only because of who you are but also because of who I am when I'm with you
*If you live for 100 more days, then I want to live for 100 more days minus one so that I'd never have to live without you
*I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed your mind
*Wanted by many Taken by none Talking to some But waiting for one


<33   * ilu

.::I wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name on my hand but I washed it the next day. I wrote your name on a paper but I accidentally threw it away. I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay::.